As part of the wider EEI scope, over 340 economic clusters have already been identified across the country. Implemented and Supported by the Rural Electrification Agency, the Energizing Economies Initiative (EEI) will support the rapid deployment of off-grid electricity solutions that will provide clean and consistent power to economic clusters in Nigeria.

Under the Phase II of this program, 97 markets were identified, and enumerated. Following the initial enumeration, energy audits and baseline surveys were completed on 22 markets within the South West (SW) region.

2 audited market sites in Ekiti State under the Phase II are shown below;

Fayose Market,Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

(GPS Coordinates 5.222262, 7.615662)
Aerial View of Fayose Market

Survey being conducted in Fayose market

Old Textile Market, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

(GPS Coordinates 5.208953, 7.638308)
Aerial View of Old Textile Market

Survey being conducted in Old Textile market

OJA-OBA (OBA’S) Market, Ekiti State

(GPS Coordinates)
Aerial View of OJA-OBA (OBA’S) Market

Survey being conducted in OJA-OBA (OBA’S) Market