Federal Government of Nigeria

Project Owner: The role of the Federal government is to provide an enabling environment to private investors participation towards the provision of reliable power supply to the economic clusters across the country. The FGN through the Federal Ministry of Power is also implementing favorable regulations to allow the successful implementation of the project.


Rural Electrification Agency (REA)
Implementing Agency: The REA is the implementing agency of the Energizing Economies Initiative under the Federal Ministry of Power. The agency is mandated to provide access to reliable electricity for rural dwellers and the underserved, irrespective of their location. The agency is responsible for creating an enabling environment for private sector-led projects which includes conducting pre-feasibility assessments, energy audits, enumeration, data analysis, identification of qualified private sector developers and project stakeholder engagements. 
The USAID Nigeria Power Sector Programme (NPSP)
Technical Assistance: The USAID Nigeria Power Sector Programme (NPSP), provides technical assistance and capacity building to Rural Electrification Agency.
Private Sector
Project Developer: Project construction, delivery, operation and maintenance under the Energizing Economies Initiative is carried out by the private sector investors and developers. The project is fully funded by the developer and they take ownership of the project. These developers are selected based on their ability to produce rapid results while committing to the long-term success of the initiative for the beneficiaries.

Economic clusters (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)) across the country.

  • a. Energy audits, customer profile & key performance indicators communications survey
  • b. Design, build and operation of gas powered and solar powered systems across phase 0 and phase 1 markets.
  • c. Awareness exercise at each market to drive registration and encourage energy efficiency.
  • d. Communications impact survey at each market