Townhall Engagement and Registration Drive Exercise Conducted at Ondo, Edo and Ogun State Markets

Townhall engagements to sensitize shop owners on the solar power system deployed at the market, its benefits, productive usage and energy conservation was conducted across Ondo, Edo and Ogun state markets under phase 1 of the Energizing Economies Initiative. The townhall engagement kicked off at Edaiken market in Edo State on 14th May, 2019 while NEPA 1, Nepa 2 and Isikan markets in Ondo state were held on 14th May, 2019 and concluded at Ita-Osun market in Ogun state on 16th May, 2019. These are all markets under phase 1 of the Energizing Economies Initiative being implemented by the Rural Electrification Agency.

Teams consisting of Technical and communications personnel from the private developer in these markets were engaged in discussions with market associations and shop owners to ensure beneficiaries understand and know how to use the system deployed as well as know how to make payments and where to channel any enquiries which on the long run ensures sustainability of the Energizing Economies

A registration drive exercise also commenced on 13th May, 2019 across these markets aimed at encouraging shop owners register to enjoy constant, reliable and affordable electricity from the solar powered electricity system deployed across all the markets.

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